18th Annual California Sculptors Symposium April 17-24, 2022

NOTE:  The California Sculptors Symposium (CSS) and Camp Ocean Pines are committed to the health and safety of participating artists.  For this reason, ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST BE VACCINATED TO ATTEND THE 2022 SYMPOSIUM.   

Also, due to factors beyond our control, the 2022 CSS Symposium will NOT INCLUDE AIR AND POWER ON THE FIELD.  

Location:  Camp Ocean Pines, Cambria, California

How does a week vacation sound?  Yeah?
And what better way to spend it than with other creatives making sculpture.
Your meals are covered.
Your room is covered.
Talented instructors from near and far
ALL for only $140/day!
You can’t beat that, sometimes just a hotel room costs that and it doesn’t come with all the other good stuff!
Here are the details:

California Sculptors Symposium (CSS) is an annual, week-long program of workshops and demonstrations given by sculptors for sculptors. Intimate hands-on sessions with expert instructors will improve your technique, inspire your designs and build your expertise. Participants return to CSS year after year to share their passion for working with stone, wood, metal and clay. It’s a place to learn, exchange ideas and recharge your creative batteries for both the novice and the seasoned artist.

CSS is eager to return to Camp Ocean Pines after a two-year hiatus due to Covid. This year the board decided to “Go Back to the Basics” and focus on core themes:

  • We love & miss the camaraderie of working with other sculptors

  • We have valuable expertise within the CSS tribe that can be shared

  • We need to set aside time for ourselves to replenish and be creative

While this year will be a little different than the normal CSS symposia, it will include our core offerings while possibly offering an unexpected nudge in new creative directions. It includes:

  • Internationally known, talented instructors

  • Presentations and discussions of artists’ works

  • Peers with whom sculptors can share tips and learn new techniques

  • Excellent food in a peaceful, natural setting

  • Limitless time to sculpt…

  • Everyone attending is required to have two doses of vaccination

Due to factors beyond our control, the 2022 CSS Symposium will not include air and power on the field or present a public art show. Did you know the symposium didn’t always have these elements and I’ve had long timers remember it fondly because you were more apt to chat while working, share tips, ask questions. It’s also a great chance to try out the other workshops.

Camp Ocean Pines is an independent, non-profit camp and conference center, nestled in a pine forest overlooking the Pacific Ocean near the charming town of Cambria. The camp features bunk-style cabins, tent camping sites and delicious meals served in the main lodge. The program will keep you busy, but still provides time to relax with friends, stroll on the beach and visit nearby attractions.

Whether you are returning or attending for the first time, we look forward to seeing you in April!

Our talented instructors this year are:

Jason Arkles is a sculptor, podcaster (Sculptor’s Funeral podcast), author and figurative sculpting instructor. He uses traditional methods in his clay and stone artworks, tending toward narrative and character studies, particularly of mythology and religious subjects. His professional specialties are portraiture and sacred art.  Jason’s workshop will focus on using the “Sight Size method” for figurative sculpting.

Barbara Chesnut has lived and worked in marble studios in Paros, Greece and in Pietrasanta and Querceta, Italy.  She works with the figure and body as subjects as well as more abstract and free form stone sculptures.  Barbara’s workshops will focus on tools and techniques for the beginning stone carver.

Andrea Bacigalupo  With sculptural objects formed in concrete, Andrea makes spatial fields by placing basic concrete forms; rods, planks, slabs, wedges and ramps, in an environment.  Andrea’s workshop will cover the topics of creating a cut list, cutting wood, screwing together forms, applying form release, mixing concrete, adding pigment and other additives, pouring concrete, and finally releasing the forms.

Stephanie Metz uses her biologically abstract sculpture to explore the tension created when opposing qualities are forced to coexist. Stephanie compacts loose fiber into nearly solid freestanding forms through a precise and laborious process known as needle felting.  Students will learn techniques for creating three-dimensional, free-standing felt sculpture by compressing wool into felt using simple hand tools, as well as about working with support armatures, manipulating surface finishes, and incorporating mixed media.

Jennifer DeKoeyer Crump – Symposium Director

Board of Directors— Ed Brooks, Shelley Johnson, Amy Kohl, LeeAnn Peterson, Tracie Monk and Jennifer DeKoeyer Crump.

Registration after March 1, 2022 has an increased fee.


  • Plan A – lodging, activities, meals, and all instruction for 7 nights – $980.00

  • Plan A (after February 28) – $1,080.00

  • Plan B – off site lodging, all activities, meals plus all instruction for the full week – $880.00

  • Plan B (After February 28) – $980.00

  • Plan C – day rate includes 1 night’s lodging, 3 meals and all instruction – $200.00 (no increase after February 28)

  • Plan D – day rate – off site lodging, 3 meals and all instruction – $170.00 (no increase after February 28)

  • Plan E – work study rate with onsite lodging, all meals and activities – $680.00  (work study artists must be approved by symposium director)

  • Plan F – work study rate with off site lodging, all meals and activities – $570.00  (work study artists must be approved by symposium director)

Initial $100.00 non-refundable deposit (except for Plan C and D – you must pay in full at time of registration) is required with registration and full payment is due by April 1, 2022. There are no refunds after April 1, 2022.  After you register, you will be sent an information letter with details, which will help you prepare for the symposium.

For additional information about Camp Ocean Pines or help with registration, please contact Camp Ocean Pines at info@campoceanpines.org or call 805-927-0254.

Or email Jennifer at cssjencrump@gmail.com with questions about the symposium.

On Sunday, April 17, 2022:  Check in begins at 1:00 pm, set up work areas followed by happy hour and dinner.

Last meal is breakfast on Sunday, April 24, 2022.

Annual Show


Historically the CSS Symposium has featured a public exhibition of participating artists’ work.  As a COVID precaution, CSS does not plan to open the 2022 sculpture exhibition to the public.  If this changes, the details will be posted on both the CSS and Camp Ocean Pines websites.


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