Karen Ryer Scholarship

Karen Ryer standing next to sculpture

“Stone is a fundamental element of the earth. It is billions of years old. It is a basic building block of civilization. It is a visceral instinct to shape it. It is beautiful, willful, cranky, and magic. Those of us who carve it are in love with it, and cannot stop carving. We are listeners to the earth, and we carve because we must shape the sound of the earth, the feel, the color, the solidity, the very life of rock.” – Karen Ryer

After retiring from her law practice, Karen Ryer began experimenting with stone and found a passion.  A lover of all kinds of stone, she continued to learn, experiment and teach others from 1999 until her untimely death in 2023. Karen’s students loved her dearly and benefited from her candid and “can do” instruction. She and her partner Patricia Sargent operated Stone Sculptors Supplies, selling tools and supplies for stone carvers. The business supported so many and was instrumental in creating new carvers world-wide. Through Karen’s brilliant and generous spirit, she inspired many and the Karen Ryer Scholarship is intended to continue her legacy and support new carvers on their journey.

The purpose of this fund is to reward and assist someone in their creative journey. The selection criteria are based on dedication to furthering personal growth in stone sculpture, prior accomplishments and financial need. To be eligible please fill out the Scholarship Application Form, submit 3-5 images of artwork created, and provide a Statement to the scholarship committee. The statement should include personal goals and how the scholarship would help realize those goals; if financial need is a factor, please include this information.

This scholarship is offered annually and is made possible through a generous donation from Patricia Sargent. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation in Karen Ryer’s name to further this scholarship, please go to the donate page on the website.

Charlie Kleiman Scholarship

My sculpture is meant to be touched and caressed. It is both visual and tactile. I truly love working in stone. I love that I can create soft, smooth, caress-able beautiful art from a rough stone” – Charlie Kleiman

Charlie loved the symposium in California, Oregon and Washington. His passion for stone, and for giving 100% of heart and hands resulted in sculptures with meaning. The purpose of this fund is to enable a qualifying “art student” to attend the annual California Sculptors Symposium (CSS).  The “art student” does not need to be enrolled in a formal art education program.

The selection criteria is based on Charlie’s value in creating sculpture in stone. Applicants have to fill out the scholarship form, submit 3-5 images of their artwork, and a Statement of Interest to the CSS scholarship committee stating their goals of creating sculpture in stone.  

This scholarship is offered annually and is made possible through generous donations. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation please go to the donate page on the website.

All Scholarship Applications are due February 21, 2024 midnight. Click link to complete application Scholarship Application Form. If there are any technical problems with this form you may also Email this Application, Statement and Images to:

Scholarship Application Form

If you would like to make a donation to California Sculptors Symposium Inc., a non-profit 501c3 organization since 2005 visit our donation page! CSS offers annual sculptors symposiums in Cambria, CA.
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